ISLAND Data System

The Result of having an Island data system.

Incomplete and Inaccurate Information Leading to wastage of Money and Time.

S.I.M. is specially designed to maintain the integrity and "flow" of your business - for the way business really works, information flows in between you and your employee's customers and vendors. It is one system to manage your entire institutional setup from end-to-end. Whether you are running a small school or a big professional education institute, SIM can improve your productivity dramatically.

Integrated Data System

Create Your Web Presence Easily

A customization service along with SIM allows you to have interactive website without hassles - with any URL you choose. Your web presence can be completely integrated with every other component of the package. Some of our web- features are:

  • Online Display of Results.
  • Online Leaves and Attendance Management System Information
  • Connectivity to your Customer and Supplier

With SIM package, you get comprehensive e-commerce at a fraction of the price.

Architecture: Client / Server Architecture

With Complete Network Compatibility SIM is available with both LAN & WAN versions.